Terms and conditions as of October 1, 2007.

On all of our services, offers and agreements the following general terms are applicable:

The Dutch FENIT terms and conditions are applicable. The federation of Dutch Enterprises for Information technology, has deposited the FENIT terms and conditions at the Registry of the District Court in Den Hague on December 8, 1994 under number 1994/189.

A free sample (in Dutch) of FENIT can be send on request, a sample of FENIT can also be downloaded here: FENIT terms and conditions (Dutch).

ECSystems.nl also trades with the name ITProjectPartner.nl the terms and conditions are the same.

If in any case the terms and conditions of FENIT or the terms and conditions of the client conflict with any other terms or conditions of
ECSystems.nl, then the FENIT terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the client are subordinate and are superseded with the terms and conditions of ECSystems.nl.

ECSystems.nl is a firm with limited liability. If in any case ECSystems.nl is liable for any damages, the acceptance will only be once and only as far as the liability insurance covers up to a maximum the liability insurance company has accepted and reduced by the ‘own risk’ value.

ECSystems.nl is contract acceptant, client the customer. ECSystems.nl will always attempt to do their best to fulfill the terms of contract to the best of their abilities, with the parameters of time, budget and quality. ECSystems.nl never accepts liability for the correct operation of hardware, (automated) software and corporate data, this also includes back-ups, unless defined in a separate SLA.

All amounts in the supply conditions, correspondence and offers are without tax.

All offers are valid for 30 days, intermediate price changes by suppliers of sub-suppliers can be passed on after consultation.

Hardware, software and physical products are billed at contract start, hours are billed at the beginning of each month.

ECSystems.nl rides along the warranty given by suppliers of sub-suppliers. The maximum warranty period of hardware and physical products is 2 years unless defined in a separate SLA. The execution of warranty may be given to a different company.
Terms and conditions
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